2015 Council Agendas & Minutes

Town Council agendas are posted once they are prepared. Minutes are posted after approval by the Town Council.

Minutes are not currently indexed.

DateMeeting Type  
January 15, 2015Work SessionAgendaMinutes
January 20, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 12, 2015Work SessionAgendaMinutes
February 12, 2015Council RetreatAgendaMinutes
February 17, 2015Cancelled  
March 12, 2015Work SessionAgendaMinutes
March 17, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 7, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 16, 2015Work SessionAgendaMinutes
April 21, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 21, 2015Budget WorkshopAgendaMinutes
May 13, 2015Budget WorkshopAgendaMinutes
May 14, 2015Work SessionAgendaMinutes
May 19, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 11, 2015Work SessionAgendaMinutes
June 16, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 16, 2015Cancelled  
July 21, 2015Regular Meeting AgendaMinutes
August 13, 2015Work Session AgendaMinutes
August 18, 2015Regular Meeting AgendaMinutes
September 9, 2015Work Session AgendaMinutes
September 15, 2015Regular Meeting AgendaMinutes
October 14, 2015Work Session AgendaMinutes
October 20, 2015Regular Meeting AgendaMinutes
November 10, 2015Work Session AgendaMinutes
November 17, 2015Regular Meeting AgendaMinutes
November 24, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 30, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 9, 2015Work Session AgendaMinutes
December 15, 2015Regular Meeting AgendaMinutes
December 22, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
Attached Document or File15-01-15 (January) Work Session Minutes 15-01-15 Council Work Session Minutes
Attached Document or File15-05-14 (May) Work Session Minutes May 14, 2015 Council Work Session Minutes
Attached Document or File15-12-15 (December) Council Meeting Minutes 15-12-15 (December) Council Meeting Minutes
Attached Document or File15-12-22 (December) Special Meeting Minutes - Exception to Medical Leave Policy 15-12-22 (December) Special Meeting Minutes - Exception to Medical Leave Policy