1515 Brevard Road - Annexation & MIC Designation

In April 2018 the Town received the following from from Little Fish Investments LLC, for parcel 9568-09-5949, located at 1515 Brevard Road. The applicant has stated a desire to construct senior apartments, but the requests submitted to-date are not project-specific. The Town's process to review the requests below is not an approval for construction of a particular project.

At the June 19, 2018 Council Meeting, Council remanded the zoning request and comprehensive plan request back to the Planning Board. This was necessary due to the changes made to the applicant's request by withdrawing the text amendment regarding building height. The Planning Board reviewed the request on Tuesday, July 10th. There is no public comment period at Planning Board meetings, but the Board decided to hold a special evening meeting to gather neighborhood input on August 14, 2018, at 6:30 p.m.  The Planning Board must then make a recommendation to the Town Council regarding the requested amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map.

The public may also attend the Town Council Public Hearings on the matters below, when scheduled.  No public hearing will be held in July or August 2018. Notice will be provided to the public when scheduled. 

  1.  Petition for voluntary annexation -  The application has been researched and found to be in compliance with state statutes. Council may schedule a public hearing, as required by state law, and notice will be provided to the public.
  2. Amend the Town of Laurel Park Comprehensive Plan to include the subject property in the Town Center future land use designation.
  3. Amend the Official Zoning Map to include the subject property in the Medical Institutional Campus (MIC) zoning district.
  4. Amend the Town of Laurel Park Zoning Ordinance, Section 804.4 (Dimensional Requirements) to allow a greater building height, and require greater setbacks,for large senior housing projects. Request withdrawn June 8, 2018. 
Detail on the request, staff analysis, and procedure, and available below.