2026 Comprehensive Plan

In July 2016 the Laurel Park Town Council adopted a new 10-year Comprehensive Plan.

In July 2017, the Council adopted the US 64 Corridor Study, which provides additional detail regarding the vision for the corridor, and market analysis for potential businesses.

What is a Comprehensive Plan? A comprehensive plan is the cornerstone of the long range-planning process. It addresses population growth and demographic changes, land use patterns and intensity, public services, infrastructure needs, and recommends policies and regulations to implement the plan and provide the services.

Thank you to the over 110 people who provided public input to the Town's 2026 Comprehensive Plan.  Your input will help to shape a shared vision for Laurel Park and inform the strategies chosen by the Town to further that vision.

The full documents are available below. Please note the files are large and may take several minutes to download.