Planning Board

The Planning Board makes studies of areas, prepares plans, develops policies, ordinances and administrative procedures, making recommendations to the Town Council regarding these issues.

Following the adoption of the 2026 Comprehensive Plan by the Town Council, the Planning Board began a full review of the Town's Zoning Ordinance to implement the recommended zoning changes recommended by the Comprehensive Plan. The Board is also revising sections or language which may be unclear. You can view the draft documents here.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room located at 441 White Pine Drive in Laurel Park.

The Assistant to the Town Manager staffs the Planning Board, and may be reached at (828) 693-4840 or email.

Terms of Service

7 members are appointed by the Town Council. Terms of appointment are for three (3) years with an appointment date of January 1.


PLANNING BOARD    2 year term
Member   Current Term Expiration First Appointed
Henry Scott Gregg   12/31/2023 2/10/2022
Luke Costlow   12/31/2024  4/14/2022
Moyland G. Rainey   12/31/2023 12/13/2019
Philip Wiehe   12/31/2023 11/16/2021
Mary Margaret Licisyn   12/31/2024 1/12/2023
Clint DeWitt ETJ 12/31/2024 2/10/2022
Jeffrey Pieper   12/31/2023 12/12/2013