Welcome to Laurel Park's government information page. In this page you will find information about Government structure, Meeting schedule, Town councilAt the Meeting, and Agenda & Minutes.

Your Government

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The Council consists of the Mayor elected for a term of four years and four Commissioners elected for staggered terms of four years. Elections are held in odd number years – the next election will be held in November 2024. Elections are non-partisan and managed by the Henderson County Board of Elections.

The Town of Laurel Park is organized under the Council-Manager form of government, consistent with N.C.G.S. 160A-147, Part 2. The Council provides policy and budget direction, and the Town Manager, appointed by the Town Council, oversees the day-to-day operations of the Town and the implementation of policy as directed by the Council.


Meeting Schedule

Town Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the Meeting Room of Town Hall located at 441 White Pine Drive.
Council Work Sessions are held the Thursday prior to the regular monthly meeting. These are also at 9:30 a.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room.
If you would like to receive email notification of meetings of the Town Council, please call 693-4840 or email.


Your Town Council

Mayor J. Carey O’Cain

Carey was elected to the Council in 2009 and was elected Mayor in 2011, 2015 and 2019. Prior to serving on Council, Carey served as President of the Laurel Park Civic Association for three years. He grew up in Hendersonville and lives with his wife Lutrelle Livingston, a native of Laurel Park, in the Echo area of our community. Carey graduated from Clemson University with a degree in architectural construction in 1972. He worked as a commercial general contractor in Denver, CO; Birmingham, AL; and Raleigh, NC before retiring in 2005. He continues to be actively involved with improving and enhancing the beauty of our Town. Carey and Lutrelle have four grown children and four grandchildren. Lutrelle and Carey also own and operate the Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in Hendersonville.

Commissioner Debra Hinson Bridges

Deb was elected in 2021 for a four-year term on the council. By profession, she is a musician and retired business owner. Her primary interest in serving on the council stems from living in small NC towns for most of her life. Deb is especially passionate about healthy land and forest management, conservation, and preserving natural resources. She has experience working with the NC Forestry Service on wildfire mitigation grant projects, forest action plans, and the NC Department of Agriculture's Century Farm program. Deb's collegiate background includes bachelor and master's degrees from St. Andrews University and California State University in music performance and composition as well as professional certificates from Duke and Cornell. Currently, she serves as organist at Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration and performs frequently with other professional musicians in the area.

Commissioner A. Paul Hansen

Paul was appointed to fill a Council vacancy and elected to Council in 2013, 2017, and 2021. He currently serves as the Mayor Pro-Tempore. Prior to serving on the Council, Paul was on the Laurel Park Civic Association Board for 10 years and served several terms as President. He was Chairman of the Laurel Park Planning Board for 4 of the 9 years he served on that board and was also a member of the Laurel Park Parks & Greenways Board at its inception. He has been a homeowner in Laurel Park since 1980 and a regular visitor to Henderson County for 70+ years. Paul graduated from Clemson University with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and is retired after 31 years in the international aerospace industry.

Commissioner George W. Banta

George was appointed to the Town Council in 2015 to fill a Council vacancy, and then elected to full terms in 2015 and 2019. Prior to his appointment to the Town Council, George served for seven years on the Parks and Greenways Board as secretary and then as Chairman. He is a homeowner in Laurel Park, previously residing in Timber Creek and now in the Echo Lake area of Town. George is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Agronomy. He has worked throughout his career in the crop protection business developing new products for agriculture. After 34 years of service, he retired from Bayer Crop Science as Field Research Director.

Commissioner Kristin Dunn

Kristin Dunn was appointed to fill a council vacancy in 2020 and elected in 2021. She served three years on the Board of the Rotary Club of Hendersonville. She has worked in nonprofit management for a decade and is currently the Operations Director at Thrive. Though not a North Carolinian by birth, she moved to Charlotte as a teenager and now "claims the south" as home. Kristin fell in love with the mountains of WNC during her time at Appalachian State University earning degrees in English - Creative Writing and Global Studies with a minor in German. She and her husband live in Laurel Park with their young daughter and dog.


At the Meeting

Public Comments

A Public Comment period is a part of every regular Town Council meeting. We appreciate our citizens and guests expressing their views on Laurel Park. In order to be fair to anyone and everyone interested in speaking, the Town has following guidelines for speaking during public comment periods: 

    • Individual speakers are limited to 3 minutes, in an effort to be fair and offer everyone an opportunity to speak. This limit will be strictly adhered to.
    • Be respectful and courteous in your remarks - refrain from personal attacks and from using profanity.
    • All speakers will be asked to state their names prior to speaking.

Public Comment Request form

For Presenters

Presenters should provide 8 copies of any handouts. This ensures the Council, Town Manager, Town Attorney, and Town Clerk may each easily follow the presenter and the accuracy of the minutes.

The Town has a Television with HDMI and VGA connections available in the meeting room, and presenters are able to bring their own laptops to connect. Hardcopy backups of any presentation is encouraged in case you experience technical issues at the meeting.

The Town does not normally have a computer available for use. If this is needed, advance arrangements must be made at least two business days prior to the meeting.
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to ensure adequate time to setup.
Wireless internet access is available. No minimum service or speed level is guaranteed.


Agenda & Minutes

Town Council agendas are posted once they are prepared. Minutes are posted after approval by the Town Council.

Minutes are posted to the Town website after they have been approved by Council at a regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Minutes are not indexed.

  Notice Agenda Minutes
Special Closed Session Meeting 2024-07-23
Meeting date: Jul 23, 2024
Regular Meeting 2024-07-16- Public Hearing
Meeting date: Jul 16, 2024
Work Session 2024-07-11
Meeting date: Jul 11, 2024
Special Meeting 2024-06-25
Meeting date: Jun 25, 2024
Regular Meeting 2024-06-18
Meeting date: Jun 18, 2024
Budget Public Hearing Work Session 2024-06-13
Meeting date: Jun 13, 2024
Special Closed Session Meeting 2024-06-7
Meeting date: Jun 07, 2024
Regular Meeting 2024-05-21
Meeting date: May 21, 2024
Work Session 2024-05-16
Meeting date: May 16, 2024
Special Meeting 2024-05-07
Meeting date: May 07, 2024
Regular Meeting 2024-04-16
Meeting date: Apr 16, 2024
Work Session 2024-04-11
Meeting date: Apr 11, 2024
Regular Meeting 2024-03-19
Meeting date: Mar 19, 2024
Work Session 2024-03-14
Meeting date: Mar 14, 2024
Budget Retreat 2024-02-21
Meeting date: Feb 21, 2024
Regular Meeting 2024-02-20
Meeting date: Feb 20, 2024
Work Session 2024-02-15
Meeting date: Feb 15, 2024
Regular Meeting 2024-01-16
Meeting date: Jan 16, 2024
Work Session 2024-01-11 Cancelled
Meeting date: Jan 11, 2024
Regular Meeting 2023-12-19
Meeting date: Dec 19, 2023
Work Session- 2023-12-14
Meeting date: Dec 14, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-11-21
Meeting date: Nov 21, 2023
Work Session 2023-11-16
Meeting date: Nov 16, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-10-17
Meeting date: Oct 17, 2023
Work Session 2023-10-12
Meeting date: Oct 12, 2023
Special Meeting 2023-10-04
Meeting date: Oct 04, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-09-19
Meeting date: Sep 19, 2023
Work Session 2023-09-14
Meeting date: Sep 14, 2023
Budget Retreat Meeting 2023-08-15
Meeting date: Aug 15, 2023
Work Session 2023-08-10
Meeting date: Aug 10, 2023
Budget Retreat Meeting 2023-07-18
Meeting date: Jul 18, 2023
Work Session 2023-07-13
Meeting date: Jul 13, 2023
Special Meeting 2023-06-27
Meeting date: Jun 27, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-06-20
Meeting date: Jun 20, 2023
Work Session 2023-06-15
Meeting date: Jun 15, 2023
Special Meeting 2023-05-23
Meeting date: May 23, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-05-16
Meeting date: May 16, 2023
Work Session 2023-05-11
Meeting date: May 11, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-04-18
Meeting date: Apr 18, 2023
Work Session 2023-04-13
Meeting date: Apr 13, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-03-21
Meeting date: Mar 21, 2023
Work Session 2023-03-16
Meeting date: Mar 16, 2023
Special Meeting 2023-03-07
Meeting date: Mar 07, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-02-21
Meeting date: Feb 21, 2023
Work Session 2023-02-16
Meeting date: Feb 16, 2023
Special Meeting 2023-02-09
Meeting date: Feb 09, 2023
Regular Meeting 2023-01-17
Meeting date: Jan 17, 2023
Work Session 2023-01-12
Meeting date: Jan 12, 2023